2 Hour Snowcat Tour (November – March)

Want to have fun and excitement but like to be warm and comfortable? Then we have just the thing for you to enjoy the winter scenery, off the beaten path and away from the crowds. Sit back and enjoy a nostalgic ride in the warmth and comfort of our 10 passenger Snow Cat. Ride over the snow as you experience the beauty of winter and see things from a different prospective as we climb through Aspen Groves and stands of Gamble Oak that feed the wildlife. See the other three states of the four corners from the highest point on the ranch with the La Plata mountains in the background.

Come and enjoy the beauty of a western sunset Colorado style on our Sunset Cat Tour (leaving at 3:00pm and returning at approx. 5:00pm) and watch as the snow covered peaks light up with the colors of the sunset’s that are different every day.


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