4 Hour Prospector Tour (May – October)

Let us take you back in time as we climb trail that the miners used with pack mules and horse draw wagons to get their gold and silver ore to the rail head to be processed in Durango and points beyond.

Once we reach the site of our surface mining you will be met by experienced professionals, Bob Ross of the Prospectors Show on the Weather Channel. Bob or his right hand man Stacy will be there to guide and teach you the basics of the different minerals that you can find that were left over from one of the richest mines in La Plata Canyon.

As part of your tour we provide safety glasses, gloves, and a rock hammer for you to use as you search for the treasures left behind by the miners that worked the mine more than a hundred years ago. The best part of the tour is that we give you an ore sample sack to hold all of the treasures you find and are yours to keep.

This is a physically demanding trip and proper dress is required, long pants, shoes or boots with good ankle support, jackets are recommended as we are going up in elevation and down in temperatures, dress in layers and bring sunscreen. We will provide water and light snacks.

Please note: We require a minimum age of 5 years old for the Prospector Tours.

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